Fr. Mark Lesage, Aleli Gutierrez and Estela Padilla of Bukal ng Tipan went to Germany last April 19-28 to give Trainors’ Training Course 1 to seven groups  – six diocesan teams from Germany (Hildesheim, Padeborne, Osnabruck, Limburg, Muenster, Cologne, Hamburg) and one parish team from Zurich, Switzerland. These are the dioceses that Bukal has been giving the summer courses to the past four years.

 This Trainors’ Training Course intended to give the deeper theological and pastoral framework of Bukal programs and processes. Aside from community liturgies and workshops, Estela gave talks on Inculturation/Contextualization, where she (courageously!) tried to also initially explore some concepts from German philosophers Hans Georg Gadamer (Horizontverschmelzung) and Martin Heidegger (Gelassenheit).

Already, talks of Trainors’ Training 2 for the same dioceses is being planned for April next year.

This Trainors’ Training Course 1 also intends to encourage deeper inculturation/contextualization of Bukal tools, methods and processes into German/European setting. By doing so, the diocesan teams can partner even more with Bukal team in facilitating more effectively the continuing summer courses in Germany. Hopefully, this course adds encouragement in their  efforts to be more creative in their own context and cultures.

 Although, all work with diocesan teams here and abroad are really learning experiences for Bukal team, working with German diocesan teams in European settings level up the pastoral and theologizing skills of Bukal team in a different way because of a very different context and culture. The friendships formed are also vitamins for the team in this long, long journey towards a ‘participatory church in the world’.