Sensing with the Diocese of Naval

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The journey with the Diocese of Naval started quite early for Bukal ng Tipan when we were invited to give their clergy retreat way back in 2005.  In fact, Naval was one of the first dioceses to have given us the opportunity to give their annual clergy retreat.  This was followed up the following year with another clergy retreat.  In the years that followed, a few of the members of their Diocesan Formation Team attended (several of our BEC courses) our Wholistic Formation Course which they immediately re-echoed in their diocese.  But it was only in 2014 that they formally asked Bukal Ng Tipan to assist them in their BEC program.  After several preparatory meetings and immersion, an initial training was held for their Parish Formation Team (PFT) on March 11-13, 2016.  With the theme “Retracing the Paschal Mystery of Jesus thru BECs”, it was attended by teams from 15 parishes (100% of the parishes of the diocese) with about 15 priests in attendance. Included in the 3-day experience is a talk on BEC as “Oases of Mercy” encouraging BECs to become schools of sensing and sensitivity (which soon became the by-word in the seminar) so that compassion and solidarity would deepen. We also taught them the 3 RSS method of Gospel sharing and a simple problem solving scheme in order to help them plan in order to respond to urgent concerns and needs of the community.  This was capped by revisiting the Vision of the diocese and helping them see the importance of consulting the vision in moving forward.  All in all, it was a wonderful learning experience both on the side of Bukal Ng Tipan  and on the side of the Diocese of Naval.  We also sense that this is a start of a meaningful journeying with them.