News Tidbits from Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Unit


Bukal ng Tipan, Maryshore Unit together with the Youth Unit spearheaded the training on facilitating recollection in the neighborhood in view of the “Revisiting the Vision-Mission” process of the Diocese of San Carlos last July 10 to 12, 2015 in two venues. The first venue was held in Brgy. Da-ga, Cadiz City, for the Ilonggo speaking parishes of the diocese, while, the second was held at the covered hall of the Bishop’s Residence in San Carlos City for the Cebuano speaking parishes.

The training was first for Bukal ng Tipan due to the simultaneous training of both the adult and the youth in the diocese. This marks the effort of integrating the youth and the community programs in the journey process with the dioceses.

Quite a number of adult lay leaders and youth turned out for the training both in Cadiz and San Carlos. There were around 150 participants in Cadiz and around 130 in San Carlos both the adults and the young. Their response to the training was overwhelming. Many showed eagerness to implement the program once they go back to their parishes.

What was also a grace for us at Bukal is the assistance extended to us by the Archdiocese of Jaro in facilitating the training. It is a blessing to see the fruit of our previous ministry multiplied through the Archdiocesan Formation Team of Jaro, people who have caught the vision of a participatory church and are ever willing to sacrifice for the mission. We pray for the same experience in San Carlos.


It all started in one of the meetings of the team council of the Diocesan Commission on Youth in June 2015. Fr. Chris and Noel of Bukal ng Tipan, Maryshore Unit, were then discussing about pastoral interventions in the parishes. Fr. Chris who is also the newly appointed head of the Commission on Mission and a member of the DCY team council intimated that he had a lot of pastoral initiatives in his parish, however, he feels that he needs help in organizing these especially through the BEC. After another meeting at the diocesan Shrine of the Holy Rosary in Alangilan, where he is parish priest, it was discovered that the parish has no shared vision. It was then agreed that Bukal ng Tipan, Maryshore Unit will help him initiate the process. Fr. Chris is not new to Bukal since he had attended one of our conferences for the 10th anniversary of Bukal in Maryhill, Taytay, Rizal.

Introductory session on a participatory Church through the “5 Stages” and Facilitating Recollection at the BEC level were facilitated by Noel and Ading last July 24-25, 2015 at the Pastoral Hall of the Holy Rosary Parish in Alangilan. Using an approach similar to the diocese of San Carlos, Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Team facilitated simultaneous training to both the adult and the youth. More than 20 BEC leaders attended the adult sessions while around 16 young people joined the one prepared for the youth. It was energizing for us to see lay people eager to get their hands dirty to start the process in the BEC level. Likewise, what was inspiring was to see the parish priest joining and also sharing in most of the sessions.


“We are able to organize our campus ministry. Right after the Dream Forum at Bukal ng Tipan we were inspired and worked hard to have our own campus ministry. We are fortunate that the parish, under the supervision of the Fr. Erwin Magnanao, our Parish Priest and Diocesan Youth Director, helped us in realizing this dream even if we are a public high school.”

It is heartening to hear this remark from the teacher coordinator of Sagay National High School when asked how they are doing almost two months after the Dream Forum. Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Unit facilitated the Dream Forum last August 18, 2015 after a month of moving around the different schools in Negros Occidental, both public and private schools, marketing our programs and inviting them to this forum. Around 60 campus and youth ministers, values and religious education teachers, as well as students from 16 schools and youth organizations participated in the Dream Forum with the theme Encountering Christ in Campus in the New Millennium.

After the participants were introduced and got to know each other, the forum started with the presentation of the survey of the 22 schools visited regarding how the four areas in doing campus ministry (Word, Worship, Community and Service) are being lived out in the school. Both faculty and students who were surveyed rated the areas to be comparatively high, though the area of Service received lower rating from the rest.

A World Café session was then conducted to further confirm the result and draw out some of their particular concerns for the ministry in school. Concerns such as the need to network and the appeal for bigger and more established schools and Bukal ng Tipan to help in organizing the campus ministry of smaller schools came out from the sharing. Need for continuous formation of ministers was also presented together with requests for Bukal to organize such programs.

Fr. Francis Ledesma, director of the Diocesan Commission on Campus Ministry of the Diocese of Bacolod, commented on the result of the sharing of the world café and gave a talk on encountering Christ in the campus in the new millennium.

The afternoon started with the different schools sharing their best practices for others also to learn from. Riverside College campus ministry highlighted its approach in using student groups and interest groups in organizing the pastoral activities of the school. University of St. La Salle also shared their recollection and retreat programs for all levels of the college guided by their core values. University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos presented their outreach effort with other schools in the vicinity of the barangay where the university is located. St. Vincent High School from Cauayan also shared their efforts in every level of the basic education and their constant link up with the parish programs.

The talk in the afternoon was given by Fr. Erwin Magnanao, youth director of the Diocese of San Carlos. He developed the topic on the role of the campus ministry in building the local church. The Forum ended with a Eucharistic celebration officiated by Fr. Erwin.

In the end the participants saw the need to continually link up with one another especially in the common work of evangelizing the schools. For us in Bukal it became an enriching experience to learn the many approaches being done already by some schools and to see how we are all united in the common goal of evangelizing the young. In a way this forum also showed us the important role that we can play in the ongoing formation ministers.


Bukal ng Tipan, Maryshore Unit, assisted the Diocesan Commission on Youth (DCY) of Bacolod in organizing a regular symposium for the youth of the diocese. The first was held last August 31, 2015 at the Sacred Heart Seminary Auditorium. Bukal ng Tipan through the membership of Noel Judith Jr. in the Team Council of the DCY helped in designing the program. The youth assembly every two months was designed as a venue to gather the youth of the diocese to give them an experience of coming together, of learning together, of sharing their ideas and stand on relevant social issues, and of praying together.

The theme for the first youth assembly is “YAri KAmi mga Pamantan-on, NAgakabalaka! – YAKAP NA!” (We the young people are here, we are concerned!) There were more than 800 participants coming from the different parishes all over the diocese. The morning input was given by Fr. Chris Gonzales, also a member of the team council. He presented the important tenets in the celebration of the Year of the Poor. The afternoon input was on Encyclical “Laudato Si” of Pope Francis. The salient points were discussed to the young participants by Fr. Rocelo Villarosa, the director of the Commission on Youth. Processing sessions after every talk were designed with the help of Bukal ng Tipan, Maryshore team including the prayers and commitment rite. We also help in facilitating the sessions during the event. Maria Delia Logronio for example facilitated the liturgy of the assembly and other sessions as well. Bukal ng Tipan has been active from the conceptualization phase up to the implementation. Events like this inspire us as Bukal a team since what is taking shape is the realization of our dream of getting inside the life of the diocese of Bacolod.


In its quest to improve its services and to respond to the needs of its clients Bukal ng Tipan, Maryshore Unit started to use an evaluation tool and allot time for evaluation every after the retreat or recollection of a group. This is also a way for the team to learn more relevant approaches and right combination of team facilitators who will be effective for a particular group of retreatants.  Somehow this will mirror the strength and weaknesses of the team’s manner of facilitating and serve as a guide for improvement. This will also be helpful for the Abyan ng Bukal community to learn from one another and help each other improve.

The evaluation tool was first used with the students of Sta. Theresita’s Academy. It was also used in Bukal ng Tipan’s engagements with the Kabankalan Catholic College in the recollection of their grade 6 students and the retreats of their grade 10 students and the graduating college students. Bukal ng Tipan’s likewise used it to evaluate its retreat cum community building sessions with the seminarians of the Little Way Seminary of the diocese of Kabankalan.


It was almost 4 years since Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Unit last facilitated the retreats of Kabankalan Catholic College students. Reconnecting with the college happened when Bukal team did a school campaign and survey last July 2015. It was a grace that Sr. Bebe Gavin who was assigned to the campus ministry of the school when they were still going to the center in CICM Maryshore, Talisay City, was once again re-assigned to the school after 3 years of assignment abroad. She met and welcomed us in our visit and was happy to know that the team will be available to facilitate even outside of the center. She reiterated that it was financial reason and distance that discouraged the school and the parents to send their students to CICM Bukal ng Tipan Mission Center in Maryshore, Talisay City. She said it was a welcome development for her since she singlehandedly facilitates all the recollection and retreats of the students from elementary up to the college level notwithstanding the other campus ministry obligation in school.

Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Unit together with Abyan Sang Bukal facilitated the recollection of grade 6 students on September 10 -11, 2015. The graduating college students had their retreat the following week, while the grade 10 students with 4 sections had their retreat from September 21 to 24. All the recollections and retreats were held at the beautiful San Columbano Retreat Center in Himamaylan City, the next city north of Kabankalan City. It was a grace filled experience for us facilitators as this particular engagement gave us the opportunity to once again journey with the students of KCC. We felt happy for the trust that the campus ministry of the school has given us to shepherd their students in this particular growth moment of their lives. What was also inspiring was the sacrifice and volunteering spirit of our facilitators from Abyan sang Bukal who gave their time and effort to facilitate in spite of the distance and lesser allowance. Thank you Ching, Tina, Grace, Eunice and JB!



“The feedback I got from the seminarians is very positive. The recollection with focus on community building was very good. Thumbs up! Keep up the good work!” This was the comment made by Fr. John (presently the formator in charge of the spiritual formation of the seminarians of the Little Way Seminary of the diocese of Kabankalan) about their recent monthly recollection and community building activity facilitated by Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Unit at the seminary compound last September 25-26, 2015. The module was specifically designed by the Maryshore team after sharing for some time with the seminary formators, especially with Fr. John, regarding their concerns. The module was designed by looking into the different levels of relationship they have. The first day was highlighted by sessions on appreciating themselves and accepting their need for improvement through a “hall of fame” and a “hall of challenges” going to the assessment of their way of relating with one another (interpersonal relationship), and ending with a session on “Man to Man Talk” as a way of reconnecting with each other. The second day started with the celebration of the “Mystery of LIGHT” to reflect on their relationship with God. The succeeding session focused on finding out their take on what community life should be which ended with them coming up with their vision of living community life in the seminary. This was capped with the fun-filled “tower building” activity to elicit their commitment to their vision of community living in the seminary.

To be part of the formation of future priests and leaders of the Church is truly a privileged experience for the facilitators. We are humbled and at the same time challenged by this opportunity. Bro. Xavier assisted Noel and Ading in facilitating the sessions.

As a future involvement in the formation of the Little Way seminarians Fr. John is already contemplating on inviting the Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore team to give a two-weekend course on “Catch the Vision” as a way of orienting the seminarians regarding youth ministry which they will surely be engaged with in their apostolate. Looking forward to this mission!


Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Unit facilitated a course on Designing Creative Liturgy for the Archdiocese of Jaro last October 2-4, 2015. More than 50 participants from the different parishes attended the course. The bulk of the participants came from the Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Alta Tierra, Iloilo City.

For Noel and Ading it was a great opportunity to hone their skills on giving the course considering that they facilitated the course without the presence of Bukal ng Tipan team members from Maryhill. It was a realization that there is a considerable improvement in the capacity building of the Maryshore team especially in giving Bukal courses. In this course Maryshore team was assisted by the Archdiocesan formation team of Jaro.

“I appreciate your creativity and ability to quickly suggest effective approaches in our designed prayer sessions. These are new for us.” This comment coming from Tita Nenen from Our Lady of Fatima Parish was very heart warming. We realized that years of experience in the Bukal way of facilitating prayer sessions, especially in retreats and recollections, somehow gave us a handle in designing creative prayer sessions. To God be the glory!


The journey program with the Diocese of San Carlos being coordinated by Bukal ng Tipan Maryshore Unit continues. After almost 4 months from the training on facilitating neighborhood recollection in view of the process of Revisiting the Vision a new training was conducted on October 9-11, 2015. A full team from the community and youth units of Bukal ng Tipan facilitated a House to House training for the formation teams of the diocese. The training was again conducted in two venues for two clusters of participants, the Cebuano speaking vicariates and the Ilonggo speaking vicariates. The first batch was facilitated at the bishop’s compound while the second was in Sagay City. Once again there are simultaneous sessions with the adults and the youth of the diocese.

What was very inspiring were the sharing of the lay people who brave the distance, difficult mountainous terrain, the rain and flood just to facilitate the implementation of the previous training. They make alive the missionary spirit in the Church!

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