All courses are available upon
request in Bukal ng Tipan or in your place.

Skills in step-by-step BEC organizing (immersion, conducting neighborhood sessions, gospel-sharing methods, involvement in socio-political issues, setting up ministries, facilitating the emergence of local leaders)

Discussion and planning on restructuring parish life towards BECs

Understanding the theology of BECs as basic structure of parish life

BEC Organizing

Skills in designing creative, participative and relevant formation awareness program for all kinds of groups especially BECs

Advanced facilitating skills

Understanding the role and spirituality of a trainer/formator

Wholistic Formation

Understanding inculturated and participative liturgies

Designing creative Prayer Meetings, Sunday Liturgy Led by a Lay Minister, Special Liturgies in BEC settings (e.g. Rosary Month in BECs, Peace Liturgies) and Family Liturgies

Facilitating creative liturgies

Understanding the role of Sacraments in BEC life

Designing Creative Liturgies

How can retreats and recollections be spirit-filled and relevant?

How can it become a God encounter for them?

This workshop aims to assist youth and adult facilitators in designing and facilitating retreats and recollections.  Specifically it will cover:

A deeper analysis on the personal, relational and spiritual components of a person’s development

Explore creative techniques and strategies on
Theme starters
Bible exercises and reflections
Liturgies and prayers

Designing Retreats and Recollections

The workshop aims to expand our way of looking at youth ministry.

Orientation to the basic foundations and principles of Youth Ministry

Deepening on the main components of journeying with the young and how to concretize this in actual practice

Preparing a youth pastoral plan intended for a particular setting of young people

Catch The Vision! Live the Dream!

A creative and youthful orientation to the Scriptures

Discovering the Bible story as their story

Introducing the Scriptures (History and Background, Old and New Testaments)  using various methods and approaches to make the journey a truly meaningful and interactive experience

Catch The Vision! Live the Dream!

Foundation sessions on liturgy and liturgical celebrations

Workshops to explore different creative forms and expressions

Designing meaningful and attractive liturgies relevant for the young

Designing Creative Liturgy for Youth and Children

Once described as LECTIO DIVINA on STAGE, Bibliodrama is a holistic approach in interiorizing the Word of God.

Utilizing various theater forms like dances, vignette, play and other exercises to enable one to be in touch with the Word.

With ample moments of silence, reflection and processing, it seeks to discover the richness of the Scriptures allowing the text and one’s own life to meet.

With time for faith / life sharing and celebrating the Word in liturgies it seeks to build community through the Word and celebrate fullness of life with others.

The workshop aims to equip participants with the basic skills in:
Facilitating Bibliodrama elements: dances, text reading, different ways of embodying the Word and Bibliodrama liturgies

Designing modules using Bibliodrama elements.

The workshop aims to equip participants with advanced skills in:

Facilitating elements of the full play – observation of the text, structuring the space, interview and processing.

Designing Bibliodrama modules with indigenous and other creative elements.

(participant should have attended the BEC Organizing I)

An assessment of the application of BEC organizing skills and processes

A realistic, systematic evaluation of existing BECs within the wider parish context

How to sustain BECs and how to acquire the capacity to sustain them

How to articulate Vision-Mission-Goals within a participatory community planning process

(Participant should have attended the Wholistic Formation I and have already designed and conducted formation modules) 

An assessment of the application of skills gained in Wholistic Formation I – advanced facilitating and designing skills

Evaluation and revision of formation sessions/ modules designed and conducted

Programs exchange with other communities

New formation methods:  Appreciative Inquiry and Pastoral Cycle

Setting up an intensive formation program for parishes

Trainors’ training

Deepening our understanding of “ministries” and “ministers”

Moving BECs from Bible-sharing groups and prayer groups to ministering

Sharing of skills and principles in setting up family, youth, political, social, and economic ministries at the BEC level.

Can be given as a 4-day diocesan clergy retreat or a 5-day PPC seminar-workshop)

Looking into a new leadership paradigm (Pinoy style) and its corresponding roles, tasks, style of leadership

Redefining & re-imaging leadership: Leader as People Grower, as Change Agent, & as Visioner – and acquiring the skills for such roles

Developing the personhood of the Christian leader

Leading With Soul:  A Spirituality of the Body
(Participants should have taken Clergy Leadership in a Participatory Church)

A 5-day clergy retreat reflecting on:

The body / embodied self (katawan / katauhan) of the minister
The body in ministry (kinatawan ni Kristo)
The Body of Christ (Katawan ni Kristo)

Guided by the spirituality of the body, what does it mean to lead with soul?

An expanded BEC Orientation Seminar)

Most times, we look at BECs only as a pastoral program and not as a way of life for a faith community.  There are times also when we wonder why BECs do not seem to be effective in what it sets out to achieve.  This course:

Looks at the wider context of BECs

Looks at your own specific/local context

The course would:

Share a comprehensive framework for understanding and evaluating the wider context of BEC;

Share culture research tools that would help a community look into and search for locally based approach to evangelization and community-building (BEC-building);

Demonstrate (role-play) several tools for community-building

An Orientation to Ka-Lakbay – the directory of Catholic Youth Ministry in the Philippines  (3 days)

A program intended for organizing youth in the neighborhood level.  Serves as an initiation and evangelization experience using creative and youthful elements.  A chance to experience and celebrate faith through faith sharing, prayers and liturgies  (Fri evening to Sunday afternoon)

Workshop that equips youth ministers/leaders in organizing youth in the neighborhood and facilitating Lakbay weekend experience.  A step-by-step look at the program, content and spirituality. (2 full days)

Leadership training for grade school students.  Looking into the lives of our national heroes, the program aims to challenge young people towards becoming leaders rooted in Christian values (2 full days)

Leadership training for high school students.  Owning the call to become leaders of the present. Equipping students in basic skills in class management and leadership. (2 full days)

Bibliodrama dances to explore and to use for retreats and other formation sessions.

More than 10 new dances to learn with some bibliodrama experiences in between to enrich the journey.

An interactive and experiential process for the whole family leading to openness, trust and intimacy

An experience of living & creating memories together camp style

A chance to strengthen family ties in fellowship and sharing

(An Overnight  Renewal Experience For Married Couples)
(Participating couples should have been married at least 5 years and more)
An experience of reminiscing with gratefulness your wedding day
A chance to rekindle the passion and excitement of your married life

Re-telling the Story of Jesus  
Story-telling techniques

Integrating  the story of Jesus in our life and ministry 

A Holy Week Experience on the Hill (Lenten Retreat) 
A unique holy week experience on the hill – reliving gospel events in today’s setting and longing for the unexpected to happen

Walking with the different characters and journeying through the different scenes of the passion of Jesus Christ
Advent on the Hill (an Advent Reflection)
Waiting for Jesus’ rebirth in a way that will surprise us

Modern-day Retreats: For the busy people in need of short pauses, for thirsty pilgrims longing to be filled again, for sons and daughters yearning to meet the Father again …

Taste and See:  A Retreat on Food
Join the feast and taste the different flavors of God’s blessings.

The Goddess in You:  A Retreat on Beauty
(for women only) 
Discover your beauty within and how you are called for a special purpose
Send in the Clowns:  A Retreat on Humor
Learn to laugh and enjoy life!  Celebrate real joy with Him!

C.O.O.L. Kids
This recollection program is designed for grade 6 students. It aims to help participants realize and discover the true meaning of being “cool”. That coolness is more than just being popular or having things in becoming what God wants us to be His child
(duration 1full day)

Lord of the Rings
You have seen the movie, now we have used the storyline of this popular trilogy by JRR Tolkien to look at the lives of graduating elementary students. In this recollection, they will look at their friends as part of the “Fellowship”, to appreciate their “Tower of Power” and to discover “king:” within and to honor the true “King”.
(duration 1full day)

Jesus in Disguise
Looking for Jesus? Then let us help you find Him. This retreat program for grade six students is designed to help participants see Jesus in themselves, in the Church and in the world. It will help the participants see Jesus “hidden” in the simplest events in their lives.
(duration 1 or 2 full days)

Growing with a Grateful Heart
Graduation is not simply time of goodbyes but also a good opportunity to be grateful for the people and events that shaped us. This retreat for grade 6 aims to provide the venue to be thankful for the wonderful years spent in elementary years.
(duration: 1 or 2 full days)

Let’s Party
In preparation for their first communion, we have designed this recollection program for first communicants to look at Eucharist as a big celebration where Jesus isd the main celebrants and each of the participants id His special guest.
(duration: 1 full day)

Youth Walk for Christ
This recollection helps participants see Jesus in them and the challenge tol be more “Christ-like”. It aims to somehow evaluiate their lives with the life of Jesus in a simple and non-threatening way.
(duration 1 full day)
Into Your Hands
In the Filipino language, the word hand or “kamay” is used in more than 300 expressions. We would like to use this body part to come home to ourselves and reach out to God’s loving hands. Through different exercises and activities using the hand, participants will gain insights about themselves and God.
(duration: 1 full day)

Love Life
High school life is basically building relationships – of being accepted and belonging. This recollection aims to allow participants to love the life that they are living and to treasure the relationships they have.
(duration: 1 full day)

Walk with Mary
Mary is a woman of beauty both inside and out. What could be her secrets? This recollection for girls helps the participants to see the Mary in them and in the process discover the meaning of true beauty.
(duration: 11/2 days)

Parable of the Pencil
It is surprising how a lowly writing instrument like a pencil can actually teach us profound lesson in life. This retreat for seniors aims at using the pencil as a means to look into themselves and the life that they will have to face after high school.
(duration: 2 full days)

Running with David
This retreat is actually designed for boys graduating from high school. It focuses on the person of King David, the shepherd boy who became one of the greatest kings of Israel. It allows the participants to journey with the ups and downs of this character and discovers the David within them.
(duration: 2 full days)

The Path
All of us are pilgrims on a journey. We travel different paths, some are straight, others rocky and sometimes we encounter a crossroad and we need to choose which path to take. This retreat aims to help participants look at the roads that they have trodden, their present journey and the path that lies ahead.
(duration: 2 full days)

Called To Heal
We are all wounded healers. Called to heal but also wounded and scarred. Allow Jesus the great healer empower us on this retreat and be grateful that we are called to be like Him.
(duration: 1 full day)

Community Journey
This community building retreat helps the participants look at themselves and their life in the context of the wider community. It utilizes the lessons imparted by Jesus when He built his community and the lessons from the first Christian community as described to us in the Acts of the Apostles.
(duration: 1 or 2 full days)

Walk Your Talk
A faculty retreat designed at looking at Jesus as a “Ribbi” – teacher par excellence. It helps the teachers look at their own life as educators and to live by example.
(duration: 1 or 2 full days)

Cup of Life
Using the symbol of the cup, we lead participants to look at their cups of joy, sorrow and blessings.
(duration: 2 full days)

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