Fun things to ask siri homepod

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Who is Scott Forstall? The idea is that by making Siri approachable as well as relatively efficient, users get to build trust in the system over time.

She can be so boring, lol!

Funny things to ask Apple's assistant Apple's smart assistant brings the sass. Siri may not be the most intelligent smart assistant when compared to Alexa and Google Assistant , but it still has some good cultural clout. Learn which languages Siri can translate. Hey Siri, where did I put my keys?

One of them is:

Siri tells rubbish jokes. Who is Scott Forstall. Get answers From math to pop culture, Siri knows a little bit about everything. Hey Siri, where does Santa live! Accept Reject Read More.

18 Funny Questions About Siri

The best cheap smart home tech. Game of Thrones fans have to try this one. Stay up to date on the stock market, prices, news, and more with Siri. But we have to say, even the biggest groaners are a little funnier when coming from a smart speaker.

Hey Siri, what is Inception about? Hey Siri, I need to hide a body.

  • Siri has multiple answers for this one, but my favorite is when she says: Hey Siri, I'm drunk.
  • Who is Scott Forstall? Hey Siri, I'm drunk.

At least she tries; Google Assistant will just play an artist beatboxing. The best smart speakers. Hey Siri, I am your father? Hey Siri, will you be my thunder buddy. Accept Reject Read More. Get the latest news You can get news briefs from the top news sources in the world!

Plan ahead

I collect iPhone tips. In this case, one of the answers would be: Say "Hey Siri," then you can ask things like: And you are sad that you have no friends.

Mon Sep 17 Siri on HomePod is great at answering questions about the things you want to know and do in your home. Want to switch to a different news source. The best smart speakers. Hey Siri, read me a book. Cooking multiple things in the kitchen.

Siri Easter eggs: Books

The best robot vacuum cleaners. Of course, Siri gets a bit offended. What sets them apart, and when can you get your hands on them? Hey Siri, mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of them all?

  • Apple has warned […].
  • When you decide to purchase an Apple device you're also going to be faced with a decision about extra coverage.
  • Watching Apple since
  • Cooking multiple things in the kitchen?

The best smart speakers. Hey Siri, knock knock, fun things to ask siri homepod. How many cookies does each person get. Have you come across other funny or amusing Siri responses.

Hey Siri, funny things to ask Siri include:! In no particular order, when will the world end. Apple HomePod missing manual. Use Siri to listen to music and podcasts on HomePod.

Hey Siri, OK Glass. We've no idea why. I say what they might do.

Apple at CES is making its consumer-related pitch clear, it must make FaceTime and iMessage more compatible with other platforms to support next-generation enterprise communications, maar ik denk het niet!

Are you looking for a productivity powerhouse. Here is a non-definitive list of questions you can ask Siri to get something like a funny response.

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